NEW ZEELAND. A neonazi man attacked two mosques in Christchurch during the Friday prayer. At least 49 persons have died and 48 are wounded. Children are among the victims. The police found bombs on cars and they have been disarmed.

Much is unclear so far so some things in this text may be proved to be untrue. The killer is said to be a 28-year old man named Brenton Tarrant and it was possible to get him alive. Three others, one woman and two men, have also been arrested. One has already been released, having nothing to do with these events. None of these persons were on any watchlists. The attack is said to have been well-planned.

The killer live streamed his attacks on FB and it has been taken down now. He has also written a 73 (or maybe 87) pages long manifesto in which he describe himself as “a regular white man”. It begins with Dylan Thomas poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” and continue by describing how white countries are weakened and taken over by low birthrates. Including Australia and New Zeeland in those countries are above irony as whites immigrated there.

The manifesto mentions several people which they praise including two Swedes. It’s claimed that this attack is a revenge for the death of 11-year old Ebba Åkerlund who was killed at the terror attack on Drottninggatan 2017. Her name were even written on the weapon used! Her parents are very saddened and angry by how their daughter is taken advantage of and used as propaganda.

The manifesto also praise Anton Lundin Pettersson who in 2015 went into a school in Trollhättan and killed three persons with a sword. His actions were grounded in racism. It’s said that there are hundreds of posts on the 8chan internet forum which praises this terror attack. Absolutely vile!

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