Hate Breeds Hate

NEW ZEELAND. There’s nothing that justify attacking innocent people. Despotic leaders? Yes. Every day people? No.

One can criticize Islam without hate. There’s no need to to hate neither the ideology nor the Muslims. Today we can see the consequences of hate. This time the violence and deaths played out in mosques. Tomorrow it will be in another setting. The hate stays the same and that feeling and attitude doesn’t solve any problems. Quite the opposite as hate breeds hate.

The backlash from this awful attack will harm all persons who only want to discuss. I have already seen the first mentions of islamophobia and there’s more to come. At the same time I read about how Hamas have fired rockets into Tel Aviv, but nobody is talking about neither antisemitism, hate nor “judeophobia”. Why not? Why is violence towards Christians and Jews just violence, but when Muslims are victims of phobia and misunderstandings? Consistancy please.

As I read different news outlets from New Zeeland I found this picture and the journalist who had written the article below it didn’t mention the finger. The sign was used by all Muslims in the past, but was taken over by jihadist organisations and in particular ISIS. It points (:)) to the oneness of God and how there’s only one interpretation of Islam. It also mean that they will dominate the world.

In one way it doesn’t matter. The focus should be on the victims and the man might be in shock because of the trauma. But it’s also an interesting behaviour. You are in the middle of hell and you choose to show alliegance with ISIS (and prove the killers point)? That’s not the most lovable thing to do.

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