The State of Sweden

Several women in Katrineholm who have been walking their dogs have been attacked by children between 10 and 12-years old on bikes. It all started about a week ago when a woman was hit in the head by the children passing. Another was hit in her face with a snowball filled with gravel. A woman in her sixties was spit in the face twice and called names as the kids returned several times and circled her. The police say that their suspicions “go in a certain direction”.

The costs for so called unaccompanied minors during 2016 was 26 bilion kronor ($2 780 362 088) and the total costs for the Swedish Migration Agency was 73 bilion kronor ($7 806 401 249). Only in Uppsala the municipality paid 283 milion kronor ($30 263 171) during 2016 to private companies who started refugee accommodations. It was easy to make a lot of money without doing very much and there was no control over the quality. One thing is that the taxfunded Ibn Rushd, with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, has been conducting education in some accommodations.

The lack of dentists and the increase of people with severe need of dental care are a big problem in all regions in the country. That’s why the Swedish Public Dental Service are trying to build contacts with dental collages in Europe, for example in Portugal. It’s strange that we have to search abroad as the politicians promised in 2015 that highly educated were pouring into the country.

On Sunday 11 March a man was exposing his genitals at Stockholms central station and another men got fed up and struck him a couple of times. But when the police came both men were arrested, one for sexual harrassment and the other for battery.

World Justice Project have in their yearly index, Rule of Law Index, directed a warning to Sweden: significant trends included a deterioration in order and security. Out of 126 countries Sweden is on place 17.

About one third of all reported rapes are dismissed without that the perpetraitor has been interrogated. One reason is a lack of resources as the many murders demand an increased staff.

The formerly unknown group Danish, which consists of a group of immigrated Afghans, have released a video on Youtube. It’s called We are soldiers and contains phrases where the police is portayed as enemies, how to sell drugs and shooting people. They also make fun of that they have been called unaccompanied minors.

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