Not only an ISIS-Haidresser

SYRIA. One Swedish woman who traveled to join ISIS claims that she never met any Yazidis and that’s why she couldn’t help them. She was just a housewife who ran a hair salon at home.

But a source from Iraq reveal that the hairdressers whitin ISIS had an important part to play when it came to selling the sex slaves. To get the highest price possible at the slave markets the girl or woman had to look their best. So the hairdressers helped the slave owners out, getting paid with the money made from selling a person to her next abuser. The buyers were often men from Saudi Arabia.

At a slave market

The girls and women who have lived through this hell tell the same story: they were kidnapped and lived with their abusers until they finally became selfdestructive in different ways. They tried to commit suicide, They tried to make themself ugly by cutting off their hair and harming their faces. Some tried to look like boys, hoping they would be executed like the boys in their upper teens were. Many were killed.

The tasks of a hairdresser is obviously something completely different than what we think in the West. And this is one of the many reasons why we shouldn’t let these ISIS-monsters return. We don’t know enough to understand the reality behind their codes.

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