His Murder Is Obligatory

PAKISTAN. Faraz Pervaiz is a Christian you tuber who has fled from Pakistan to Thailand and now he is being accused of blasphemy. Muslims in his homeland have spread posters with his picture on it promising a reward for those who kill him. Here is a translation of the poster:

Punishment of Blasphemous Behead Behead 

It is requested that a while ago a person named Faraz Pervaiz along with his companions is mourning against our beloved holy Prophet P.B.U.H and humiliated the Glory of our Prophet P.B.U.H and every day he appears with a new abuse on youtube channel The Refuge of David and it is hurting about 2 Billion Muslims of the World.

We as Muslims, not just only condemn the humiliation of Glory of our Prophet S.A.W, but we strictly condemn the humiliation of glory of All the Prophets. We do not bear the humiliation of Hazrat Isa A.S. We also not bear the humiliation of Hazrat Mosa A.S. the how can we bear the Humiliation of Glory of our Prophet S.A.W. As Allah Said in Quran:

Indeed, those who disbelieve in Allah and his Messenge, the Curse of Allah is upon them and Punishment for them is the world and hereafter:

Sir, it is clear statement of imam Al-Muminin of the Islamic nation that the one who humiliate the Glory of our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H is obligatory to kill and as a result he will be killed and if he apologize, his apology will not be accepted because his murder is obligatory.

In the 1400 years history of Islam that Muslims never forgave the one who disrespect our Prophet P.B.U.H this is the reason that murder of the one is obligatory who humiliates the Glory our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H.

According to Fatwa E Alamgiri about 500 scholars of Islam issued legal opinion (Fatwa) that the one who will say unfair even about the cloths of Holy Prophet is obligatory to kill and imam Malik R.A said: There is no justification for the survival of nation whose Prophets glory is humiliated.

Sir, I have written 2 paragraphs for punishment for the one who humiliated the honor of holy Prophet P.B.U.H and its legal orders in the Light of Quran and Sunnah.

We are responsible citizens and we don’t want go against the law. According to the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency Pakistan) http://www.fia.gov.pk/en/index.php Faraz Pervaiz was last seen in Bangkok Thailand. It is our humble request we want government bring Faraz Perviaz to Pakistan through Interpol.

If any Ghazi (true Muslim) from abroad will kill Faraz Perviaz, that Ghazi will be rewarded 10 Million Pakistani Rupee’s. May Allah bless you!

Dated 23-02-2019

From Sahrom Bacha khan Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan Charsadda

(I believe that the quote from the Quran is 33:57)

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