UK. This video is interesting, but when it comes to the class in the end it’s predictable.

The teacher said that you can keep your identity and become British, but how do you do when those identities clash? Like when your culture say that you must have an arranged marriage at 13 while British girls go on to collage and marry when they want to. Another example is how Islam stresses the point to not integrate and sees others as enemies. You shouldn’t be mean to somebody just because they are a Muslim, but the woman who cries behind her niqab have to understand that it’s very hard to interact with somebody whose face you can’t see.

When it comes to how the Brits doesn’t feel at home and move when the immigrants come to the neighbourhood I don’t think it’s racism at all. If they are the immigrants are racists too as they arrange their living in line with their culture instead of accepting the British lifestyle. Both groups want the place where they live to feel homely and that isn’t hard to understand. I think thats how we human are. We are creatures of habit.

You want to surround yourself with the cultural context that make you relax. But as our cultures are so different it might create conflicts. And when immigrants refuse to adapt to their new country and even try to force their ways on others it’s easy to become irritated. It’s a situation that is set up for trouble.


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