Skråmo Has Been Caught

SWEDEN. Michael Skråmo, a Norwegian Swede who converted to Islam and joined ISIS, have been taken yesterday by Kurdish forces in Baghouz in Syria.

He arrived in Syria in 2014 with his wife Amanda and their four children. She died by a grenade two months ago. Their now seven children were in Baghouz with Skråmo when he got caught, they were starving and one of them was said to be close to death. But when given the option to surrender, and get his children help, Skråmo said that he would rather die. Relatives in Sweden say that they doesn’t care about what happens to him and that he will get to pay for what he has done. Their only concern is the children and the latest news is that they are ok.

Before Skråmo left for Syria he recruited for ISIS in Gothenburg and in 2009 he took part in a debate on SVT where he talked about islamophobia and how the fear of jihadism is based on ignorance. It’s a fun debate to rewatch as several of the Muslims present have turned out to be Islamists and members of different extreme organizations. Seems like islamophobia is based on intuition when it’s directed at them.

He has also appeared in ISIS propaganda videos and used social media platforms like Twitter and FB to promote ISIS, even after he left Sweden. He wasn’t banned for what he was doing. One example was his tweet that the Swedish state had paid for his Glock and Kalashnikov as those who traveled to Syria still got their students grants, child- and housing benefits. During the last couple of years he has urged others to perform terror attacks by using what you had and just go ahead.

And this is one of those who will return here to be de-radicalized by social service workers and become an ordinary Swede?

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