USA. The Catholic Theological Union in Chicago will be having a summer course called Islam, Muslims & Islamophobia: A Catholic Response aimed to improve Muslim-Christian relations. 

The teacher who will be teaching the course is Scott C. Alexander who describes himself as a scholar-activist. A leftist teacher?! Who would’ve thought! His aim is to build bridges between the groups all over the world. My proposal is that he goes to Syria and use his skills to unite the persecuted Christians there with those who raped them and beheaded their relatives during the war. He will, without a doubt, find real “forms of systemic bigotry and marginalization” compared with the whining and constantly offended Muslims in the west who fake their hate crimes.

The course will “cover the epidemic of Islamophobia in contemporary U.S. American society” and I assume that Alexander will verify that claim with reliable sources the first thing he does as one might regard it as an overblown buzzword. The aim for the course is to see how big the problem is, which includes looking into the statistics of hate crimes against Muslims. I hope they compare those stats with those concerning antisemitic hate crimes, which often are carried out by Muslims.

The course also includes looking at the media which is, another claim, filled with stereotypes about Muslims. And the final thing the students will do is to find a Catholic way to respond to Islam. In light of the more than 33 400 terror attacks, where at least one person was killed, since 9/11 2001 perhaps Father Hamels last words is appropriate:

Go away, Satan. Begone, Satan.