Money Smuggled out of the Country

SWEDEN. A man was arrested on Monday 25 February at the check in at Arlanda airport. He was hiding milions of Swedish kronor in his luggage. The man is now suspected for money laundrey and he didn’t get on his plane to Somalia.

There have been several cases like this during the last couple of months and it’s probably because Swedbank have cancelled some accounts. They have belonged to companies using the traditional banking system Hawala which is used in, among other countries, Somalia. When their accounts were cancelled they started to travel with the money in their luggage to different countries.

The rules say that if you want bring more than €10 000 (105 000 kronor) abroad you have to report it to the Swedish Customs and Excise. But then you have to tell them where you got the money and where they are going and obviously these persons doesn’t want that. It definitely sound like there’s ulterior motives.

Hawala is legal, but it has been used to finance terrorism and to laundry money. There have been cases like this in the US and probably other countries too. Where do this group, where unemployment is rampant, get the money to send such sums to their native countries?

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