How to Integrate ISIS Terrorists

SWEDEN. The sob stories of the ISIS terrorists continue and the left have started their crusade to change the narrative: these poor Swedes must come home so they can be saved.

We couldn’t stop them from radicalizing when they lived here, but if they only come home the Swedish state will embrace them, pour money and recources over them and turn them into ordinary citizens. It’s awful, hateful, dehumanizing and so on to not bring them home.

It’s believed that 35-40 persons have returned to Stockholm so far and others have returned to Göteborg, Örebro, Malmö and Borås. All in all only it’s about 300 persons. One of them commited a murder in Örebro last summer. The politicians in Stockholms municipality admit that they doesn’t know who these people are and what they are up to. But don’t despair, they have a plan!

One suggestion is that the social services will take care of it by writing letters and calling those who might be terrorists. What they will do next isn’t specified, but I guess some kind of ideology-changing magic will take place. I can’t help but wonder why the left, who sees Nazis everywhere and warns that they are about to take over society, haven’t used that remarkable ability on them.

Most social workers are female leftists so it’s very likely that they’re stuck in the victim narrative and idealizes Islam. But they will fix these terrorists who are described by the Swedish Secret Service as a very dangerous group which are the biggest threat to the security of the country. PO Hellqvist worked for 30 years at the Swedish Secret Service said about the returning terrorists:

They are still carrying this mental legacy. They have viollence on their mind and can recource to violence in the future. We don’t know if it happens within a week, 14 days or something else.

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