The Lawyer Was a Communist

SWEDEN. Opinion Live is a debate show of sorts and since it’s on SVT it’s leaning heavily to the left. It has, as a majority of the shows on SVT, a tendency to invite lefties without presenting them as such.

This Thursday they did it again. The debate was about ISIS-brides and Hanif Bali (M) was there to debate if they and their children should be allowed to come back to Sweden. The left was, as usual, mostly upset about his tone and wanted every jihadist to return because that’s compassionate. That returning jihadist is the biggest terrorism threat according to the Swedish Secrety Service doesn’t seem to be an important fact at all.

Hanif Bali

That’s a funny thing about the left. They speak so much about how women are exactly the same as men, if not better, but in these cases it’s still women and children first. I guess they are still very strong, but more victims than men. Logic has never been the lefts strenght.

One of the guest, Mikael Westerlund, was presented as a lawyer, but really he has been heavily involved in the radical left and used to be the chairman of Communistic Left Students (isn’t that a bit redundant) who are openly revolutionary. That isn’t used to pose, but actually mean what it says: they want to overthrow society with an armed revolution. In other words, kill people who disagree. He also has connections to the Social Democratic Party and was on the board of the Young Left of Sweden, the youth group of the Left Party.

Wedding material?

Westerlunds opinion was that it’s populism, the new euphemism for racism, that makes people oppose bringing home the jihadist and only experts can determine if they are terrorists or freedom fighters! Implying that the secret service and the police isn’t experts, but he is.

A related thing is that SVT wrote that IS-teen Shamima Begum “fled” from the UK to ISIS and by that implying that ISIS in some way saved her. But an attentive reader Alexander Edbom managed to get them to change. It’s quite insane that a citizen has to do the journalists job, which is someone he pay with his taxmoney. But SVT does these kind of “misphrasings” all the time which clearly shows their bias. It’s pure indoctrination.

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