SWEDEN. Hanif Bali is a Member of Parliament for the Moderate Party who speaks his mind and that’s why many likes him. Except for the left who routinely go crazy over something he does.

His great sin this time was to call the ISIS-brides who want to return ISIS-honor (female animals) and since the left always care more about using the right word than dealing with reality all hell broke loose. Bali published the text below on his FB site and then the newspaper Aftonbladet published it. It is an amazingly well put text and I agree whole-heartedly.

The Coptic Martyrs

I am looking at a picture of a seven-month-old baby wearing a white full body pajamas. One of the sleeves is empty because he lacks an arm. Sukaina Ali Younis, founder of an orphanage in Mosul, Iraq, describes what happened to him. “IS left him on the ground to trick Iraqi soldiers,” she says. “Three soldiers were trying to save the baby and a sniper shot and killed them all.”

The Iraqi army sent out a tank, but before it arrived at the baby, the baby was attacked by a stray dog ​​that pulled the child away in the arm. When they rescued the little boy, they had to amputate his arm. They named him Hammoudi.

Today I have been criticized for expressing myself too hard about the IS groupies who are now stuck in various camps around the Middle East and who are asking their former Western countries for help to get back. In 2015, I advocated for tribunals to bring IS terrorists back to Sweden for trial. But there was nothing done. Later that year, I proposed to make a change to the treason law in order to prosecute IS terrorists who returned or tried to get to Syria. But nothing happened. Today, 150 people who have traveled to Syria for jihad have returned to Sweden. Sweden has still not judged a single IS terrorist for its involvement in one of the most brutal killings that existed in modern times.

Many of them are women who went down to marry their jihad heroes. Most of them have squeezed out a few youngsters well in place. These children now use them as “Get out of Syria” free cards. The children are certainly innocent – but it is the seven-month-old Hammoudi also. Why should the children with inner IS parents have more right to come here than the Yezidian orphans who have become orphans because of the IS terrorists. The world is full of innocent children – as if that has ever been a ticket to Sweden. The children in Sukaina’s orphanage will never see Sweden.

Today, Anne Ramberg, Annika Strandhäll, Eva Dahlgren and some left-wing economists have in various ways shown their disapproval because I felt these terrorist groups should rot in Syria. Morgan Johansson and other politicians who plead for court for these caliph brides lie either to themselves or to others. It is too late. The policy has been in his hands. The legislative window has expired. The alternative to letting the IS crying cats rot in the Middle East is that they are free in Sweden. Believe nothing else.

Anne Ramberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Bar Association writes that I do not belong in “a civilized and human Sweden”. At the same time, I see a clip released by IS just before many of these IS brides went down the caliphate to be besieged by their jihadists. It shows four men hanging with their arms and feet tied back from chains in a stand with their faces facing the ground staring at an oil pool. The oil pool lights up and you hear the men’s screams as they burn up alive. And then I think of what does not belong in a civilized society.

It has been more important for the political establishment to complain about my tone than to stop these people coming into Sweden for five years now. More journalists have asked my party what they intend to do about me and my “tone” than they have asked party leaders about what to do to stop the inflow of IS terrorists. The Swedish Radio called two IS terrorists from Växjö “IS activists”. Aftonbladet calls them “IS travelers”, SVT call them as “IS sympathizers”. These constant mitigating rewrites are one reason why the Swedish political establishment does not care. It is the reason why Swedish politics deals with IS terrorists as cases for social services or as a home & school project.

Eva Dahlgren says that I make her vomits. I see a video when IS throws a gay man to his death from the roof of a building in Raqqa. And then I think about what makes me vomit.

Daniel Suhonen calls me too disgusting. I read about how an IS terrorist cut the head off a four-year-old girl while she screamed for her mother on a street in Raqqa, how they stomped the heads of babies to pieces, drowned people alive in cages, how they raped and killed indiscriminately. I think about that which is disgusting.

What is the big danger of using harsh words against these Satan’s creatures? What is the danger of using dehumanizing words about people whose actions cannot be put into words?

The LO big shot Mats Erikson, husband of Cabinet Minister Ann Linde (S), says that my hard words against IS show that I share the same view of humans as them. Likes from Social Democratic MPs hail in.

I’m actually bewildered. How big is this hatred for me really?

My phone rings, it’s my party leadership. They are angry about my tone again. I look again at the picture of the seven-month-old Hammoudi, who lacks an arm, before I answer.


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