The State of Sweden

The politicians in charge of Stockholm have decided that 4 million kronor ($429 304) will be spent on a team of experts to help the children of ISIS terrorists if they get in trouble. You see, the support for the adults isn’t enough and the child might get mistreated as mom and dad have a hard time adjusting to a normal life after years of killing and raping. More money will be spent on a central course of action that will be based in the findings of academic papers.

The municipality Flen has 17 000 inhabitants and has taken in a large number of immigrants, even though the job market was in a bad shape even before. Now the social service center is making a loss of 55 million kronor ($5 906 484) and that’s not so strange as almost one out of five is dependant on welfare. They have to save money and are therefore stopping the planned leisure services for those with handicaps in Flen.

Sweden will take in 5 000 quota refugees during 2019 and primarily from northern and eastern Africa. The Migration Agency have said that they want to help those who are on their way to Libya and want to enter Europe by going over the Mediterranean.

The detention cells in Malmö were full and no new criminals could be taken in during the weekend. There are room for 117 prisoners.

Children 14 – 18 years old

The municipality Skurup has reported 17 unaccompanied minors for welfare crimes after age testing showed that they were older than they claimed. One of them was 10 years older! Skurup is led by conservative and liberal parties and the Left Party is, off course, against reporting the immigrants. So they handle this by reporting the other politicians to the police.

Lund are suffering through a wave of robberies where groups of teenagers attack children and other teens. Last weekend eleven boys were threatened with knives and lost their phones, jackets, shoes and belts. I know that some of the robbers have been immigrants. Reports on social media from people living in Lund is that many doesn’t report the robberies to the police as it’s common that the perpetraitors threaten those who do.

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