Hate Crime Hoaxes

I decided to look into some of the hate crime hoaxes that have reached the headlines, but there were so many that I had to deselect many.

In August 2013 a pregnant woman in Farsta, Stockholm, claimed that she had been battered by a man who banged her head in a car so she passed out. The reason was said to be her wearing a hijab. But this didn’t happen and it’s believed that the left and Muslims close to the Muslim Brotherhood were involved.

In 2016 the media pushed the news that the election of Donald Trump had resulted in a wave of crime aganst Muslims that proved to be lies. One Muslim woman said she was attacked and robbed by Trump supporters who said racial slurs, but it wasn’t true.

18-year old Yasmin Seweid in New York told the police that three white men screaming “Donald Trump!” attacked her in the subway. They called her a terrorist and when she walked away in the subway car one of them followed and tried to pull off her hijab. It wasn’t true and she did it to hide that she had been out drinking with friends and because her parents is angry about her having a Christian boyfriend. When Yasmin was due in court she didn’t wear a veil and her hair was shaved. It was her parents who had forced her as a punishment. Also, her brother lied in the same way in 2012.

A spokesman for CAIR said that Yasmins lie was a result of the “tremendous psychological stress and pressure” that Muslims in America are under (which was true in Yasmins case, but the pressure came from her parents):

No one out of the blue decides to make this kind of report. Whenever there are these rare instances of alleged false reports — it’s still an allegation at this point — it’s used by the growing Islamophobic community to delegitimize and undermine the many legitimate anti-Muslim incidents.

An 18-year old girl in Birmingham said in 2016 that a man in a grey hood punched her in the face because of her hijab. The police spent countless hours searching for him until they realised she was lying. She was fined about $130 USD.

The devil is a white, straight,
working class man

A few moments after another Swedish Muslima tweeted about being harrassed for her hijab Carolina Farraj (a known fabricator) started tweeting that she was at a café in Stockholm and was being called ugly, racial slurs, slapped and even spit at. The culprits were a group of Swedish craftsmen. None of those who were there at the time saw anything.

In 2012 a Somali woman in Forserum, Sweden, was forced to pour milk over herself. But it was untrue and it’s unknown where the rumour came from. The locals say that it harmed their work to integrate immigrants.

In 2018 an 11-year old girl in Canada claimed that she was attacked twice on the way to school by an asian man with sunglasses and a moustache who cut her hijab with scissors. It wasn’t true and the Muslim community then got media attention by talking about their fear of a a backlash against them. No matter what happens they are always the victims.

The crybully is the abuser who pretends to be a victim. His arguments are his feelings. He comes armored in identity politics entitlement and is always yelling about social justice or crying social justice tears.

If you don’t fight back, the crybully bullies you. If you fight back, the crybully cries and demands a safe space because you made him feel unsafe.

Daniel Greenfield

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