SWEDEN. Ann-Sofie Hermansson is the group leader for the Social Democratic Party in Gothenburg. She has now been driven out of office for critizicing honour cultures and Islamism.

Ann-Sofie is one of the few Social Democrats that I like. She is down to earth and sensible, but that has unfortunately given her enemies. Her main adversary is Anna Johansson from the same party. She is into identity politics and doesn’t want to challenge organizations like Ibn Rushd who are given millions of kronor every year from Gothenburgs municipal. She is very indulgent when it comes to these groups and the problems within the Muslim community.

The internal power struggle has sparked debate all over the country and it’s very hard not to feel sympathy for Hermansson when all her collegues are siding with Anna and are making this to a public thing. Hermansson is convinced that it’s her work against honour crimes and Islamism that has caused this. Terror researcher Magnus Ranstorp says that Hermansson is the only local politician who have been straight forward when it comes to these topics.

Together with several others she critiziced the left last summer for how they only want to focus on nazism and choose to ignore Islamic extremism and that sparked outrage. Björn Werner, journalist on Göteborgsposten, wrote an article with the headline: A time to keep silence, and a time to speak (Ecclesiastes 3:7). Very bombastic, very cowardly.

But I wonder when it will be time to speak as you get alienated if you do it now. We are many now who have been turned into pariah for apeaking up. How many more will have to go through what Ann-Sofie Hermansson is suffering through now? Will it be ok to talk when we’ve had a couple of more terror attacks? Or should we say 25 more “balcony girls”, women who gets thrown from balconies by their families? Will it be time to speak then?

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