SWEDEN. Since the beginning of 2019 there have been 15 cases of sexual harrassment in public places in Uppsala. And now a man has been arrested and is suspected for eight of them.

The man has gone up to women and touched their bodies, including their private parts. A distinguishing thing about him has been that he has been wearing a blue protective mask, the kind that are used at hospitals. The prosecutor won’t reveal what kind of evidence they have got, but he says that the quality of them are good.

The man is from Iran and came to Sweden in the middle of 2017. He deny all the charges. He hasn’t been sentenced for a crime before, but I wonder if that includes what he might have been up to in Iran. Usually we don’t know anything about the criminal record in their home country and even if we did, what we consider a crime might be seen as ok there (perhaps depending on who the victim is).

At the same times as these crimes have occured there have been a focus on a survey showing that many people feel unsafe in the city centre of Uppsala and especially young women. The source of the problems are mainly groups of teenagers that are acting out and causing trouble. Security guards have been hired and CCTV will be installed shortly. New expenditures so women might feel safe to move outside like they used before.


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