DENMARK. A new status report concerning the integration politics in Copenhagen during 2015-2018 show that young immigrants are more involved in crime than ethnic Danes.

The statistics show that they get accused for a crime six times as often. In 2017 0,7% of young Danes between the ages of 15-25 got accused for a crime compared with 4,4% persons from the same age group who had a non-western background. In 2014 the young with that background were five times as likely to be involved with crime compared with ethnic Danes, which means that it’s increasing.

Politicians want that those who commit crimes should be deported and believe that a rule like that will make the parents take their responsibility to control their childrens behaviour. The kid gloves have to come off, the politicians say, so society takes action at once as signs of criminal behaviour shows.

We should need some of that attitude here in Sweden…


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