SWEDEN. This is a hilariously stupid test made by a foundation called Teskedsorden who work for diversity. They have also created an app with a game about everyday racism. The language is crappy because that’s how it was written.

Is it strange that our Minister of Culture, who has culture as it’s main responsibility, can’t understand why her dreads is a problem? Do you really have to explain that the Minister of Culture focus on culture? Yes, it’s strange that Amanda Lind doesn’t understand as she believe in identity politics. But it’s nothing wrong with dreads, other than that they are ugly.

What’s your opinion about the ban against begging they have imposed in Vellinge? It’s a good thing for many reasons. It should be the national policy.

So fucking sick that the security guards tackled down the pregnant woman in the subway. In front of her child. You don’t treat people like that. It shouldn’t matter if you have a valid ticket or not, right? All we have seen is a video clip and we haven’t got the full story, but if you’re not paying, don’t cooperate with the guards and cause a scene (in front of your child) you should be removed.

My colleague said the N-word. I got shocked and didn’t know what to say. I’m thinking about talking to him about it tomorrow. What would you do? I wouldn’t cause a conflict with a collegue to lecture him about using the wrong word.

It’s so strange that the magazine Elle have their gala at the Grand Hotel. And that all the influencers go there. Have they already forgotten that the Sweden Democrats were allowed to have their gala there? Yes, they have. They are brainless posers only interested in virtue signaling.

Did you watch P3 Gold (like the Grammys)? Markus, Mattias or whats his name said retard on stage. What do you think about that? I presume that you think that one should be allowed to abort a child with Down’s Syndrom or some other handicapp? So what you mean by this is that words are more important when it comes to the life and dignaty to this group, than actually being alive?

It’s fucked up that the Nordic Resistance Movement are allowed to demonstrate again and again. Their pure presence should be seen as hate speech considering their political agenda? What do you think about a ban for Nazi- or rightwing groups? Democracy is for idiots too. Who will decide who to ban and how will it be reinforced? Should the state spy on people to verify their opinions or perhaps citizens should inform the state? Also there’s far more dangerous groups than the Nazis, like the Salafists.

Did you see Sameblod when it was on cinema? I got really moved by that movie. Sweden doesn’t have a spotless history when it comes to racism. Isn’t it rather naive to expect that any nation to be spotless?

The other day SVT showed the part from (the humour series) Nile City “Korean adoptive pears” (päron/pears is slang for parents and they were dressed as pears) when Henrik Schyffert sings Walk on the wild side with an exaggerated “asian” accent and, like, squints his eyes. I can’t understand that SVT doesn’t take raism against Asians seriously. What do you think about that? It was funny then and it’s extra funny now as Schyffert is so politically correct that he have apologised publicly for it.

On the bus home last week there was a group of boys, like 13 years old, and they were joking, all of them black. Suddenly an old man hisses “go home” to them. Everybody on the bus got totally quiet, nobody said anything. I was stunned silent and didn’t say anything either. Felt really ashamed later. What would you have done? If the kids were well behaved I would have told him that we’re all going home, that’s the whole purpose of transportation. If they were the usual loud, rude types I would probably been silent too out of self preservation.

Still get provoced when I think about when Björn Söder (member of Parliament for the Sweden Democrats) said that Jews can’t be Swedish. Do you remember when he said that? Yes, that’s was a clumsy way of putting it and the idea that you should choose if you want to be or how much you want to become “Swedified” or be part of a minority group is silly. That’s the way we have done it so far and it’s not working. You can be different from the mainstream culture, but not stand outside of the society.

I don’t think I will get a second date.


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