EUROPE. I started the day by reading an article by SVT on how antisemitic incidents increased during 2018 with 74% in France. Nowhere in the long piece is it mentioned that Muslims are to blame for this. 

The Jerusalem Post calls Berlin the antisemitic capital of Europe. Hardly a title anybody would want and especially not the country that have bended over backwards to atone for their antisemitic past. One way for them to do this have been immigration, mainly people who profess to Islam which is a religion saturated in hate towards Jews, which turned out to be a bad move. In March 2018 the police shared that antisemitic crimes had doubled during 2013-2017. But one has to keep in mind that many doesn’t contact the police as they doesn’t think that it will lead to anything. Children are often subjected to harrassment from Muslim schoolmates.

Malmö in Sweden used to be the city with the worst reputation about antisemitic crime in Europe, but as Jews have moved from there it’s not so many left to harrass which has made the statistic decrease. Only 500 to 600 persons are left in Malmö at the moment. When Rabbi Cooper from the Simon Wiesenthal Center spoke there he was asked if the center would remove Malmö from their travel warning. He said they would do so when a complaint about antisemitism in Malmö would finally lead to a court condemning it. The Social Democrats in Malmö are now preparing a project to help their Jews. They haven’t cared for 15 years, but they do so when it threatens the image of their city. Too little, too late.

One can see the same development in the UK. In 2018 there was 1 652 incidents of antisemitism, a 16% rise from 2017, were reported. A positive thing is that the violent antisemitic attacks have decreased with 17% from 2017. The months with the highest levels of incidents correlated with the times the Labour Partys antisemitic past and present was debated.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz spoke at an anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism conference in Vienna in November 2018:

You should only let as many people immigrate in a country as many as many you are able to integrate. So, I think that a not-registered, and not-organised flow of immigrants can always be a problem for a country.

And especially a strong flow of immigrants coming from Muslim countries can cause troubles like a different understanding about Israel or anti-Semitic ideas, which we would not like to have in our societies.

But it’s not only Muslims who make life hard for the Jewish population, though Swedish statistic show that they are the majority of offenders. There’s the antisemitism from both the extreme right and left and my personal observation is that many of these are present online and spread the classic myths about Jews.


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