Teachers Choose Unemployment

SWEDEN. At the same time as it's a shortage of teachers more of them choose to leave their job. The reason is the bad work enviroment. Ulla Nyström Theander is the principal at a school in Härnösand and she says that the attitude towards teachers have changed a lot. For example how the pupils respond … Continue reading Teachers Choose Unemployment


Health Care for Immigrants or Swedes?

SWEDEN. The suggestion that one should be able to apply for asylum because of a "humanitarian ground for protection," including those who are sick, fragile and vunerable, are bound to cause trouble. Chief physician of psychiatry Stefan Krakowski writes in the newspaper Expressen today about this and how doctors will be the ones who will be pressured to let some stay. … Continue reading Health Care for Immigrants or Swedes?

Persecution of Christians – week 6

On February 16 the election will be held in Nigeria and current president Buhari hope to be re-elected. He has made promises to free Leah Sharibu and to stop the Fulani Militia, but nothing has happened. The last news came in October. There is no updated status report on Leah and on February 19 she … Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 6