SWEDEN. With all the crap that our taxmoney are spent on and with all the immigrants that our politicians think it’s necessary to provide for it’s extra infuriating when Swedes are mistreated. 

Ingemar Holm is 37-years old and has had two strokes, which has made him partly paralysed in one side of his body. He also has aphasia. The municipality gave him a temporary place to stay, but today they are kicking him out. They say that he haven’t applied for enough apartments, but he and his legal guardian have been trying to find housing since August 2018. And to be blunt, it’s probably not so easy to find something in ones price range when you live on disability pension. He has nowhere to go.

Mona Landgren was born without legs and with derformed arms as a result of sleeping pills that her mother took two tablets off during the pregnancy. Here in Sweden it’s the municipality or county that pays for the different tools that a sick or handicapped person needs. Now they want to take back Monas electric wheelchair as she only used it for 13 hours last year and 20 is the minimum limit. Kersing Morwing on Region Skåne defends this saying it’s a waste of money if the wheelchair is standing still. But that’s how Mona often use it: she takes it to her car, drive and then use the wheelchair to reach her goal, like a concert or a nature site which is accessible. Perhaps Mona was depressed last year and had a hard time going out or whatever. Isn’t it so that we have aids for the person when she need them and not the other way around.

Emil Hellkvist has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. The Employment Service says that he can’t work, but the National Insurance Office doesn’t agree and won’t give him welfare because of that. Emil has applied serveral times for welfare at the Social Service Center, but they denied it every time because of technicalities which they refuse to help him with. Without an income he will get evicted on February 14.

These are just three cases that happened to be in the media at the moment, but there’s a lot of Swedes who have to fight to get what they need and what society has promised. Like handicapped children who have been forced to move away from their parents and siblings to group homes after the National Insurance Office denied them the personal assistance that they needed. All because the costs for this personal care at home has become too expensive, but when it comes to immigrants the politicians doesn’t even have a budget. When it comes to that group there’s no planning and no limit.


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