SWEDEN. This is a translation of a FB post by headmaster Ingwar Blomster. In 2007 he said in an interview that girls should change their clothes and behaviour so boys from other cultures doesn’t get the wrong impression and harrass them. Idiotic, but this is still interesting:

The focus is often on how girls are subjected to rapes by “foreigners”.

Sometimes and often does Swedish boys have a very hard time. I have been a principle for many years and if a Swedish boy say something to a foreign boy he will call all of his brothers and friends, who hurry to beat up the Swedish boy. A whole gang. I have had to save Swedish boys many times. Sent him home in a taxi or asked his parents to come and get him. At one occasion I found a Swedish student with his teeth knocked out and one time the gang got hold of a boy on the bus stop so he needed an ambulance later.

Swedish boys have to keep a low profile and accept things or an gang will gather and assault them.

These “spontaneous” leagues controls many schools.

Swedish boys have to accept being harassed.


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