SWEDEN. The Swedish Trade Federation has made a survey containing 2 000 stores during 2018. It showed how crimes are increasing.

One store in three had, during the last week, had a theft or shoplifting. In one out of three stores the staff had been victims of threats or violence during the last month. One manager at a supermarket said to SVT that his staff were subjected to rough threats every week and that they even gotten death threats!

But The Swedish National Council for Crime Preventions statistics show that things are getting better. Thefts have decreased from 64 000 in year 2010 to, the preliminary numbers, 42 000 in 2018. But the numbers isn’t telling the whole truth: the shop owners admit that they have stopped reporting the thefts to the police. They know that the police will close the investigation because of a lack of evidence. Also, the worst thing that can happen to the thief is a fine. The Trade Federation have for years urged the politicians to make a new law, but the earliest it can be applied is in 2021. They say that they needed it yesterday.