SWEDEN. A new survey from the Public Health Management of Sweden show that women feel afraid when they go outside and because of that they have changed their behaviour.

In the city of Örebro 47% of women avoid to go outside alone when it’s dark, which during the winter is from the middle of the afternoon. This is an increase by 6% from last year. Women who are 16-84 years old in the county where Örebro lies say that they often or sometimes avoid to go outside. The no go zone Vivalla lies in Örebro and it’s well-known because of the organized crime, Islamism and social unrest.

They found the lowest percentage in Jämtland-Härjedalen, which lies in the north of Sweden, where 26% of the women avoid to go out alone when it’s dark. It’s a good thing considering how short their days are during the winter, but I still think it’s an alarming number.

The reasons that the women said were fear of being attacked, robbed, to be raped or sexually harrassed. It doesn’t matter how often you are told that all of that happens very seldom when we know how these problems have increased and we can read about new victims in the media every day. Who dare to take a stroll alone down the street where several women have been attacked?