SUM Gets their Funding Back

SWEDEN. Swedens Young Muslims is an umbrella organization that lost their state funding because many of the leading members have links to Islamistic groups and hate preachers.

But the court are now rejecting the evidence for that and think that SUM have taken the necessary measures. The court also claim that there isn’t any links between SUM and the Muslim Brotherhood, which is well known and documented. Sameh Egyptson, researcher in interfaith relations, show that in his new book Holy White Lies. SUM claimed in court that they work together with the Swedish Security Services which terror expert Magnus Ranstorp dispelled immediately. That’s not how SÄPO works, he wrote on Twitter. Journalist Magnus Sandelin from Doku wrote a detailed report about them and I can’t understand how the court can turn a blind eye to that.

They have invited lecturers who are antisemites, homophobes and who hail terrorism. That SUM doesn’t write anything like that in their by-laws doesn’t matter to me, but it made all the difference for the court. Anybody can write the correct and expected words on a paper, but it’s actions that show your true morals and opinions. So if you invite, among others, Yvonne Ridley and Kamal El-Mekki (was uninvited after the media exposed it) it outweighs all the deceptive words.

The court could just have looked at one of the speakers on SUMs event on February 23 with the theme Muslim Rolemodels. Hussein Hamad is a young and prominent preacher among salafists and has worked with Abo Raad, the imam in Gävle who praised ISIS. Extremism isn’t unfamiliar to him and he is seen as controversial. Many women and men who he have preached to and guided joined ISIS.

SUM are constantly stunned and surprised by the extreme opinions of people they invite or hang out with. They seem uncapable of using google so I propose that they use the money they get for a course in that. The rest of it they should return so the state doesn’t have to sponsor their propaganda.

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