Löfven Stirs up Conflicts

SWEDEN. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held a speech yesterday for the European elections this May. He continued to warn about the huge threat society face from Nazis and the Alt-right. But don’t worry, the Social Democrats will save us all. Somehow.

The extreme right tries to consolidate in country after country, to release extreme nationalism on the continent and stir up hatred. They have succeeded before. They will never, never suceed again.

We have seen it on the battle fields of Verdun. We have seen it in the gaschambers of Treblinka or the forests of Katyn. We have seen it in front of the mass graves in former Jugoslavia.

Nordic Resistance Movement
– real Nazis

I have to paus Mr Löfven here to make a few comments. Verdun took place during World War I and you’d have to look for a long time to find the extreme right there. Treblinka was created by the National Socialists awful ideology which is on the socialist spectrum and therefore have a lot in common with the Social Democrats. Also they actually helped the Nazis by inspiring them to create an Institute of Racial Ideology and forcing them to sign Jewish passports with i big red J so it would be easy to send them back. The Social Democrats also let forced sterilisations go on until the mid seventies and performed human experiments on intellectually challenged people.

The massacre in the Katyn forest was Stalins work, not really something one can blame on the Nazis. And I don’t remeber reading anything about the Social Democrats trying the help the Poles. On the contrary they have worked with the Left Party, who to this thay are uncapable of criticizing their former party leader CH Hermansson who cried when Stalin died (they were also on the Nazis side during the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact and gushed over Hitler). The massacres in Jugoslavia was, very briefly, caused by a nationalism and conflicts that grew under the surface of a dictature where different ethnic groups were forced together. Well, carry on then, Löfven.

It’s when employee is put against employee, when worker is put against worker, when the security is hollowed out and wages are cut, that’s when the extreme right gets the opportunity to let it’s poison to trickle into our society.

The Social Democrats will build a social Europe with safe and fair jobs, pursue a bolder climate politic and work for a loyal asylum policy.

Children in Germany playing
with bundles of money

Loyal towards whom? The hospitals and municipalitys with severe economic problems? The victims of crimes? All of us who are afraid to go out alone when it’s dark (which is 15.00 in the winter). And as always the Social Democrats push the narrative that workers are going to become mistreated by the right when nothing like what he describe has been proposed. It’s they who want to cause conflict and division between people with their ideas of classes and genders and other groups who are in a constant fight with each others. That they all suffer from Nazi Paranoia doesn’t help the situation either, especially since it’s Islamism that’s the big threat. One would think that the Prime Minister would read the Security Secvices reports.

But if you are going to link the current situation to Nazism one of the reasons for it’s rise in Germany was that the people felt abandoned by the politicians. They saw how democracy didn’t work as they voted, but nothing changed and that their situation became increasingly worse. All it took was a recession that the politicians couldnt handle. And it’s said it’s coming…

UPDATE 10/2 2019: It has turned out that SVT made a mistake in their reporting of this so Löfven didn’t connect Katyn with the extreme right, but with conflicts in Europe. I won’t rewrite or delete the post though as it has it’s points anyway.

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