The Danish government has presented a set of laws and actions and Minister of Migration Inger Støjberg says that refugees should only remain in Denmark as long as they are in need of protection. When they doesn’t need help any longer refugees are to return home. To apply for citizenship you have to have been in the country for nine years, you have to be unpunished and be able to make a living. Sexual or terror crimes disqualifies you directly. Those who choose to stay in Denmark will have to go through a language test, a citizenship test and sign a contract. During the ceremony the person have to shake the hand of the public official.

The Finnish municipality of Uleåborg have decided to forbid immigrants to do their so-called immigration visits at pre-schools and schools which is part of an integration project. Parents have complained as they are worried for their childrens safety. There have been a lot of rapes and gangrapes in both the city and the whole country and the offenders have mainly been immigrants. The statistics show that sexual crimes have risen by 20% in Uleåborg alone.

The Norweigan government are launching an integration venture. It will become illegal to give money to societies that breach the law and neither will it be allowed to accept money from countries that doesn’t have freedom of religion. This will affect the mosques in the country.

Häme Police Department in Finland got an internal communications instruction regarding asylum seekers. It’s six-pages long and signed by the Police Chief. It says that they shouldn’t mention the status of the suspect as an asylum seeker when they reported offenses. It also says that the staff have to treat asylum seekers in a neutral manner in their personal leisure activities.

Statistic over suspected rapes in Finland during 2017 have been presented. Afghan and Iraqi men are suspected for sexual crimes 40 times as often as Finnish men. Afghan men are suspected for 138 sexual crimes per 10 000 Afghanis. For Iraqi men it’s 133/10 000, for Finnish men 3/10 000 and for Syrian and Turkish men it’s 41/10 000. If you take the group of men between 15-35 years old Iraqis are suspected for sexual crimes 14 times more often.


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