SWEDEN. The economic problems are becoming more obvious. Municipality after municipality are reporting that they have a scarcity of historic proportions and have to be frugal.

The municipality of Danderyd are in severe economic trouble and are expected to make a loss of 80 millions kronor ($8 662 414). A local politician comments that this will lead consequences for the residents. So what have they spent their money on? They pay 565 million kronor ($61 178 304) to a system of realignment of taxes which means that their taxmoney go to municipalities with social and economic problems, like those with no go zones and those who have taken in more immigrants than they can handle. Malmö is one example.

Politicians in Örebro have decided to economise 100 million kronor ($10 828 018) from their schools during 2019. In a press release the municipality say that it’s the rapid increase of students, 800 children last year, that makes it necessary to save. We all know what rapid increase alludes to.

The municipality of Wilhelmina are also in a deep economic crisis and will make a loss of 40 millions kronor ($4 331 207) this year. In 2016 they had a surplus of the same sum and attributed it to the immigrants that they have taken in. That money didn’t come from the immigrants, but from the state and now that they have stopped paying for them Wilhelminas economy are plummeting. Education and welfare is the biggest posts, which is exactly what immigrants use the most.

Economist Tino Sanandaji have commented on a report by the European Commission which shows that the prognosis for Swedens GDP is 1,3% this year. Last year the GDP was 2,2%. Our growth per capity will be number three from the bottom out of 28 countries.


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