The wonders of publicly Funded health Care

SWEDEN. This is an extract from an open letter from the Association for Personal Injury to Lena Hallengren, Minister of Social Affairs, and Annika Strandhäll, Minister of Social Insurance.

Today the Association for Personal Injury has written an open letter to the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of Social Insurance regarding that Swedish health care doesn’t take responsibility for thousands of people with neck injuries. Instead this group is totally ignored and have to seek treatment, by themselves, abroad.

I am one of all of those with neckinjuries who haven’t recieved care for my severe and life threatening damages in Sweden. My neck was so unstable that my skull was loose. It was detected ten years ago, but was ignored and glossed over. The treatment that was offered was physiotherapy, KBT- and ACT-therapy and lots of prescriptions for various narcotic medicines.

Finally I was so sick that I didn’t have any choice. I am one of those who have been forced to become a health care refugee. I have paid for all health care by myself. Traveled around Sweden and Europe for x-rays, physicals and consultations. Finally the only solution was an operation in Barcelona.

The after care in Sweden have only consisted of denied referrals even though my physicians highlighted that a substantial rehabilitation was needed so I could go back to work. I was also denied rehabilitation after going through an arthrodesis from my skull down to the first vertebrae in my chest, a surgery that costed me 600 000 kronor ($66 318). I have had to pay for my rehabilitation also.

What do we really get for all our taxmoney?

I have made minor changes to make the translation easier to read

I can imagine that this letter is partly inspired by the new immigration rules where you are allowed to seek asylum because of disease and “fragility”. Why invite people for other countries when we can’t take care of our own? Also, to have to travel abroad and pay for your surgery by yourself is not very uncommon. I know a person who did so for severe neckdamages because they health care here in Sweden didn’t care.

So when when you hear socialists praise the “free” health care here in Scandinavia remember that it’s not sure that you’ll ever get anything back for all the money you pay into the system. If the doctors, for some reason, don’t want to help you you’re toast as there isn’t any alternatives. Only the states hospitals.

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