Leftist Will Report “the Truth” about Venezuela

SWEDEN. VENEZUELA. Leftwing debater, journalist and author Kajsa “Ekis” Ekman are heading for Caracas to report on what’s going on there. Because she think that media are getting it all wrong.

Ekman feels distress about how the media are reporting on the situation in Venezuela. She calls it “war propaganda, badly disguised as journalism” and suggests that this narrative has “taken over all media”, even some on the left. The reason for this, according to Ekman, is that USA and the EU think that they decide who should be president and not the people.

So she will go to Venezuela and report the truth without adding any ideology to it. Everybody who knows about this woman knows that all she sees and does is imbued with socialism. So it will be interesting to see how this develops. Another interesting thing is that Ekman will publish this on her Facebook page which seems a bit odd to me. She’s a well-known writer who has worked on all the biggest newspapers in Sweden. Couldn’t she get a one of them to publish her texts? Or any of the socialist papers who still imagine that Venezuela is a wonderful country. Like Ekman seem to do.

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