AFGHANISTAN. Promundo and UN Women made a survey where 2 000 men and women between the ages 18-59 got to answer questions. Some of them also took part of group interviews.

When it come to womens rights 2/3 of the men and 1/3 of the women thought that women in Afghanistan had too many rights. 72% of the women think that a married woman should have the same right to work outside of the home as a man does, but only 15% shared their opinion. 65% of the men think that women are too emotional to be leaders and 29% of the women agree with that.

An unexpected finding was that older men had views that were more pro equality than the younger men. The reason for this is believed to be the political and economic instability which makes it harder for these men to protect their families in accordance with their tradition. So instead they enforce the rigid gender roles.

The men and women chosen for the group interviews said that women are discouraged from working outside of the home. It’s prefered that a woman doesn’t leave the house at all without her husband says it’s ok (comes from Islam). A woman has to cover up totally when she goes outside and she shouldn’t look a man in the eye as that is seen as an invitation, that you want to have sex. And nobody should get to hear her laugh, but to be honest, how much can you have to laugh about when you are treated like this?

And it’s thousands of men with values like these that have come to Sweden. It’s no wonder that they act in ways that are totally wrong here, because it’s ok in Afghanistan. I refer to all the rapes of girls, women and boys. A woman who is out alone, look them in the eyes or isn’t 100% covered up is more or less begging for it. According to their culture.