The Social Democrats Turn Redder

SWEDEN. A group of Social Democrats have started a new organisation within the party that they call The Reformists. They have a big reform plan that they want to implement.

The Reformists believe that the Social Democratic Partys politic isn’t enough to handle the inequality in Sweden. I agree with them that more have to be done, but implementing political reforms that reminds one of Venezuela isn’t the way to handle it. But the most telling about their suggestions is that there’s nothing about how to handle immigration, integration and criminality.

  1. New economic politic: reforms for full employment, public investments and a strenghtened welfare state. (one of the ways that they want to accomplish this is by slowly increase the the national debt. Property tax. End the states goal for surplus)
  2. New taxsystem: taxreform for increased equality and extended public sector. (harder punishment for taxcrimes and other economic crimes)
  3. New retirement system: higher incomes and strenghtened security for the elderly.
  4. New social housing policy: government responsibility for the provision of housing. (the state will have their own construction company, which probably will affect small companies in a negative way. Tax on property based on the market value. 840 000 new houses by 2030. Homogeneous sales tax at 25%)
  5. A new democratic work life: shorter working time and strenghtened influence for the employees. (35 hour work week)
  6. New welfare and regional politics: balanced life conditions and equal welfare over the entire country.
  7. New green reform: government driven climate shift and green development of the industry.

Taxes, dues and costs. The state sticking their nose into more of your life, controlling more of it and limiting your choices. it’s a recipe for disaster. Well, what else can one expect when one of the members is Daniel Suhonen, known for saying that he want an armed revolution in Sweden.

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