The Social Democrats Turn Redder

SWEDEN. A group of Social Democrats have started a new organisation within the party that they call The Reformists. They have a big reform plan that they want to implement. The Reformists believe that the Social Democratic Partys politic isn't enough to handle the inequality in Sweden. I agree with them that more have to … Continue reading The Social Democrats Turn Redder


Refused to Work because of Islam

SWEDEN. Ahmed is about 30 years old and unemployed, but he got the chance to an internship in a shop that sold candy. He was still paid with tax money, but he could get experience. But he chose to quit. The reason why Ahmed didn't continue his internship was that he realised that much of … Continue reading Refused to Work because of Islam

The State of Sweden

Do you remember Elin Ersson? The crying activist who hindered a plane from taking off as she wanted to stop the deportation of a man on it. In a new, ten minutes long movie called "Grounded" the incident is dramatised by actors and Elin is portrayed as a hero. I guess that it doesn't mention … Continue reading The State of Sweden