SWEDEN. This Thursday, 31 of January, 83-year old Ivar was attacked in his home in Ronneby. The robbers tortured him for hours.

Ivar uses a wheelchair to move around and is so weak that he hardly can stand up anymore. So when the four men ambushed him there wasn’t anything he could do. They asked him where he had his money and Ivar answered, honestly, over and over again that he didn’t have any money. But they didn’t believe him so tortured him for hours.

They kicked him in the chest several times, burned him so he got big wounds, beat him all over so he has bruises and several broken bones. Ivar got a pot banged in the head which chrushed his skullbone and the pieces from the pot could only be removed during surgery. Ivar also suffered a bleeding in his brain. When he didn’t hear what they said (he uses a hearing aid) they almost ripped of his ears so that they had to be stitched back on at the hospital. A younger relative writes of FB that his injuries are severe. The robbers finally left him, but he was unable to caall for help. His family found him the next day.

The lastest news is that three men have been arrested and that the last one of them is on the loose. I hope that they get locked up for life.

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