Youth gang Freed Arrested Friends

SWEDEN. A task force within the police, Team 2022, had arrested two men, but were suddenly surrounded by a group of youths who forced the police to release them. It was on Friday night that the police was checking a car that had crashed in Märsta north of Stockholm. It turned out that it was... Continue Reading →


Little girl Robbed

SWEDEN. On the afternoon of January 31 a 8-year old girl was robbed by three young men in Eskilstuna. The men stopped her and searched her pockets. They took her phone. She was very afraid, but they didn't threaten her or use violence. She managed to get home and one of her parents called the... Continue Reading →

83-year old Tortured for Hours

SWEDEN. This Thursday, 31 of January, 83-year old Ivar was attacked in his home in Ronneby. The robbers tortured him for hours. Ivar uses a wheelchair to move around and is so weak that he hardly can stand up anymore. So when the four men ambushed him there wasn't anything he could do. They asked... Continue Reading →

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