Climate Hysteria & why I Don’t Care

I’m having a hard time stomaching the climate hysteria and heres why.

To be honest, I have lost track of how many times the earth should have gone under during my lifetime. The reasons have been different during the years: overpopulation, acid rain, the ozone layer, GMO that would destroy our crops, global heating, nuclear disasters, climate change and extreme weather. A couple of years ago a Swedish meteorologist said that there won’t be any more snow here after this winter. We’ll see next winter season, but I doubt that this prediction wasn’t correct either.

The definition of the problem keeps on changing to stir up fear and they can’t define how to fix it. There’s a lot of pointless changes that cost huge sums and only acts as virtue signaling and they’re so popular that those who rightly critize the projects are silenced. After all of these changing themes and alarming reports I can’t get engaged in the narrative anymore. They have cried wolf too many times.

When it comes to the advice given, which often makes life harder and more expensive. The guilt and responsibility of having to save the earth and humanity can take a toll on you mentally if you’re prone to brooding. Does my organic expensive cucumber change anything when half the world doesn’t use catalytic converters and industries in the third world dump chemicals in nature? And why should I care when those who talk most about the enviroment doesn’t live as they teach?

Recently 87 influencers wrote a debate article urging Stefan Löfven to simply trample over the will of the people (isn’t he already doing that?) and dismantle democracy to save the climate. A blogger took a closer look at some of these women and it turned out that several of them spent a lot of time traveling all over the world. But sure, let’s take the advice of these hypocrits and implement a dictatureship that surely will go horribly wrong.

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