The Culture of Death

USA. SWEDEN. The decision to permit abortions to the moment of birth in New York sparked debate all over the world. Even here where the majority is pro-abortion people are protesting (at home, by ourself as us Swedes do).

But this isn’t a new thing in America and it’s more or less unknown for the broad majority of people. Abortion up to the birth of a child is already legal in Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, New York and the District of Columbia. But the states that have limits to abortions also have a lot of exceptions to the limit. But there’s even worse examples than that.

On Wednesday the Democratic Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia endorsed the idea that a woman should be able to let a baby who is born alive die on the table if the mother decided that she didn’t want to keep the child. You can watch the first subcommittee hearing about third trimester abortion, from this Monday, below:

The Health Authorities in Sweden issued a document in September of 2018 saying that when it comes to aborted children who are more than 18 weeks old and who are born alive there shouldn’t even be made attempts to save their lifes. They are making a difference about signs of life and having the preconditions to survive. Then we have to keep in mind that the youngest child who have survived an early birth, up to date, was 21 weeks and 6 days.

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