Asia Bibi Is Free to Leave Pakistan

PAKISTAN. The aquittal of Asia Bibi was upheld by the Pakistani Supreme Court. This means that she will be removed from the “exit control list” and are free to leave.

It’s said that Asia watched the announcement on TV at the secret location in Islamabad where she have been hiding with military guard. It’s reported that the 48 hours from the aquittal are critical as a dangerous plan to move her out of Pakistan will be implemented. If the Islamists cause chaos, as they have done before, so the airports and roads are closed she will be stuck.

The offended Muslims aren’t happy and call for protests as the honour of Muhammed has been compromised. According to sharia law she deserves to be murdered and threats have been made that she won’t be safe whereever she goes because there’s Muslims everywhere. But it’s not only ordinary people who wants Asia dead. They are backed up by powerful people and because of the corruption it’s very hard to know who Asia can trust among those who are around her. A friend says:

We are really worried. Yes, she is grateful to all the people who have helped her, and to the court’s decision, and yes of course she is looking forward to hugging her children and being free. 

But right now, she isn’t, and it would not be correct to say she is feeling intense happiness. She is just very anxious and hoping and praying it all works out.

I sincerely hope Asia get to live a peaceful life with her family in Canada where her daughters have fled already.

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