The State of Sweden

The police asked the public and media for help to find two men who have robbed a 90-year old woman of her credit card. There have been ten similar cases in different regions. As the men are immigrants SVT, the state television, refused to show the picture of their uncensored faces. Instead they blurred them. They defended this by writing that it would be unethical to publish pictures of people who haven’t been judged, even if the police does so. Once again they show where their loyalties lie.

An ambulance were called out on 19 January in Kungsör, but when they arrived they didn’t find a woman with heart failure. Instead they met a man with a gun who robbed them. He was between 20-30 years old, thin and spoke english.

The police suspected that a 16-year old boy sold stolen goods, but when they searched his room (so he was living at home!) they found a Kalasjnikov AK47. He was arrested for six days and then he was released by the court.

More than 2 700 cases of different kinds of violations between students in schools in Malmö were reported in 2018. It’s important to remember that in many schools there were no violations at all reported. There’s also a problem with students harrassing teachers.

The Swedish border-control corps have once again reached out to the media to draw attention to the fact that the border control isn’t working. There isn’t enough staff so people are entering the country without being checked. They don’t have enough computers, passport scanners or the space to interrogate people, Thousands of people from Uzbekistan, a country well known for producing terrorists (Akilov was one of them), enter Sweden every year. But most of those who enter Sweden are undeclared labour and gangs of thieves. The board of directors and the Justice Department know all about this, but give others the responsibility for taking action.

An ambulance in Växsjö got called out on New Years Day to a patient who had lost his conciousness. But they had a hard time to peform their job as the relatives threathened them. They didn’t think that the nurses were working fast enough. So they decided to move the patient to a nearby fire station to get help. But the relatives turned up there too and threathened to take the keyes to the ambulance and drive the patient themselves. When backup arrived they could finally drive to the hospital where they were met by the police.

TV4 showed a program about the increasing number of children who get robbed and assaulted by other children. The police Sven Granath was interviewed and said that the reason for this is the increased tendency to report crimes, an increase in the population, mild winters and hot summers. So now we know…

After the terror attack on Drottninggatan Ebba Åkerlunds parents got 60 000 kronor ($6 615) in compensation. The Swedish state wasn’t prepared to pay more for a girl who died for a situation they had created by their mismanagement. Her father Stefan sued about the compensation, but the Court of Appeal denied it as the crime wasn’t “directed at him“. But they did increase the compensation to 100 000 kronor ($11 026). Stefan has said in an interview that he isn’t interested in the money, but want justice for his daughter and the others who died or got injured. And when there’s cases like the one where a Muslim woman got 75 000 kronor ($8 269) for feeling offended when her male doctor wanted to shake her hand and then sent her to a female doctor in the room next to his as he wasn’t allowed to see or touch the woman, the compensation for little Ebba becomes even more insulting.

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