“Compassionate” Politicians Increases Immigration

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson, former Minister of Justice and now Minister of Migration, were interviewed on TV yesterday. And he seem to believe that everything is fine and that it’s time to open our hearts once again.

During the Social Democratic Partys election campaign they promised to decrease the immigration, but after the deal with the Liberals, the Centre Party and the Green Party they go the other way and increases it instead. And Morgan Johansson claims that this is a good thing to be generous and compassionate when it comes to this. Because the newcomers will integrate the others. Strange that it haven’t worked with all the other immigrants…

Morgan even brags a little about about how he took part in getting Sweden out of the immigration crisis of 2015 and 2016 and says that he won’t risk putting the country in the same place. There’s not even any risk of a crisis he says as the number of asylum seekers are the lowest now in 13 years. But then the high number of family members that are allowed to come here isn’t mentioned. Or that the crisis isn’t over and there’s still a lack of housing, schools, job opportunities while criminality and antisemitism increase. And as soon as the rules changes there will be caravans of people coming here again. But surely Morgan have taken this into account.

The people that Morgan want to come are those who are very sick or vulnerable and he says that they only make up a small number of the asylum seekers. But I bet that they will need much support from the health care system which is already strained. And when word spreads that if you are sick you get to stay in Sweden we will once again see children or other relatives act disabled or sick so the whole family gets asylum.

When it comes to family immigration it’s mainly families of male Syrian immigrants that can come (I just love the heroics of leaving your wife and children in a warzone). 20 000 of them will be able to get their families here. The Syrians, and others, already in Sweden don’t have to be able to provide for themselves and they won’t have to provide for those who come here to unite with them. Also, why not go home to Syria? The worst is over and people are rebuilding, but then it’s much easier to get paid for doing nothing here. In the long run the politicians plan to introduce a humanitarian ground of protection which will make more people stay in Sweden. But don’t worry, the Swedish taxpayers will pay for all!

A new, unpublished report from the Migration Agency about the new rules regarding family immigration from 20 000 Syrians show that with these rules immigration will increase and that the costs will go up 455 milion kronor ($50 169 805). That’s why the report wasn’t published and why Morgan Johansson repeated the old, lower numbers all week. I’m so tired of these liars!

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