Islamist Professor finally Quits

SWEDEN. Muslim Masoud Kamali is a Professor of Sociology at the Mitt-University. Or ‘was’ is more accurate as he have left his job after a long conflict in which he threathened to kill the headmaster.

During the time that Kamali has worked at the Mitt-University the lectures and research in the department have started to focus on anti-racism and anti-capitalism. In other words, it have been driven by a political agenda and Kamali is responsible for this. In 2017 he was awarded for being “the fighter of the year against Islamophobia” by Swedens Young Muslims and Ibn Rushd which both have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which he called a democratic organisation. Kamali also made headlines when he denied that honour culture exists and said that everybody who claimed otherwise were profoundly racist.

Kamali is also pro-Palestine and criticises Israel in that exaggerated way which is common in that group. He defended the Islamist Mehmet Kaplan (The Grey Wolfes, Milli Görus) and Yasri Khan (refused to shake hands with a female journalist) from the Green Party. Kamali went so far as to claim that shaking hands is a new thing in Sweden that came after the eighties. Laughable!

The conflict with the university have been going on for seven years and includes reports to the police, accusations of racism and sexual harrassments. Kamali has threathened the headmaster that he would subject him to “war torture” and kill him. The principal got so scared that he have worn an assault alarm. Kamali denies all of this, but it’s easier to believe the headmaster than the man who have been caught lying again and again and is slightly aggressive in his way of being.

But now Kamali leaves the univerisity voluntarily after being suspended during the fall. He claims that anti-racist voices are being cleared everywhere as academia in Sweden is full of systemic racism. It will be interesting to see what he will do next. He’ll probably work for one of the organisations that he defends with such enthusiasm.

Unfortunately only in Swedish

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