The State of Scandinavia

  • The police in Finland have produced new instruction videos for immigrants and they were translated into more languages than before. In them they are very clear with what they expect from the immigrants and how things work in Finland. Like how it doesn’t mean anything or is an invitaion if a female look you in the eye (because it’s seen as a sexual invite in some cultures, like in Afghanistan), that her clothes isn’t an invitation either and that age restrictions when it come to sex.
  • The authorities in Norway have been worried before, but definitely after the terror incident in Oslo, that the Islamic extremism in Sweden which is more active will increase jihadism in Norway. That’s why they plan to study these groups in Sweden.
  • There have been several cases of immigrants abusing young girls sexually in Finland. The statistics on sexual crimes in show that Afghan and Iraqi men are 40 times more likely to commit these crimes than Finnish men. The Home Secretary has commented that he want to make it possible to take away the citizenships of immigrants who commit severe crimes and have dual citizenships. He also stressed that immigrants have to adopt Finnish values and become a part of the country.
  • The Prime Minister in Denmark mentioned in his New Years speech that the Muslim parallel societies is a problem and that immigrants must learn to put secular values over religious ones.
  • The Interior Ministry in Finland are looking into if they can remove the citizenship of people who are abroad, for example to fight with ISIS. It is a way to prevent them from entering Finland.
  • There’s so much criminality in Sweden that I can’t write about all of it, but this is a special case. 15 young men from Afghanistan have been sentenced for gang raping boys. The rapes took place on the refugee shelters where they lived. As it wasn’t allowed to test to see how old the immigrants were when they came in 2015 it meant that those who claimed to be children were placed with real children. Another important factor is that this kind of behaviour is a part of the Afghan culture. I think the leftists who opposed testing should take some blame for what happened to these boys. Their good intentions caused this.

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