The Pope Push Immigration

THE VATICAN. On January 6, Epiphany, Pope Francis gave a mass to 60,000 people in St Peter’s Basilica. He used the sermon, one of the most important ones of the year, to push immigration.

Not that he would take in any immigrants into the Vatican, except for a few symbolic Muslims, but that everybody else should show solidarity for them. The Pope said that they only are“seeking a safe port where they can disembark.” No, they are not and we know this by experience (something that we have and he hasn’t so he isn’t in any position to lecture us). The majority of those who came to Scandinavia the last couple of years have been economic migrants who have been lying their eyes out. Also, by taking in the boats you create a pull-effect that leads to more deaths.

Look at all these women & children in need!

The things that Pope Francis have been saying aren’t only uninformed, but contradictory. As when Catholic Asia Bibi was searching for a safe place to live and the Vaticans official message was that her situation was an “internal matter” of Pakistan. There was no solidarity then. But when it come to illegal immigrants the Pope compare their situation with when there wasn’t any room at the inn in Bethlehem. Just as they, Jesus know the pain of not being welcome.

That’s so stupid that I have to break it down. If Joseph and Mary had gotten a room they would have paid for it. Immigrants doesn’t pay. They only demand more. Joseph and Mary respected the closed doors. They didn’t kick them down and force their way in. They also didn’t gangrape the inn-keepers 12-year old daughter. They didn’t lie to get sympathy and benefits and when they fled to Egypt they supported themselves. (Also, if one would place the Afghans in the manger they would probably rape the sheep. Sorry, I just had to).

And when Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released his letter that said that the Pope knew about the sexual abuse he put the lid on it and was really arrogant. Instead of talking about it he testily called people gossipers and that they were “terrorists.” But at the same time he refuse to call Islamic jihadis terrorists. The guys that shoot and blow up people.

He has also said that the 19 Christian men and women in Algeria who were martyred during the civil war was “God’s plan of love and peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims”. This is also really stupid. There’s no need to bring up the sufferings of Muslims and butter up to them all the time. And especially on an occasion you are honouring Christians murdered by Muslims. That’s just bad taste and really dismissive.

Everything about how he views Islam drives me crazy!

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