Reporter Calls Open Doors Cult

SWEDEN. A reporter at Aftonbladet, one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden and partly owned by the Social Democratic Party, quickly came to the conclusion Open Doors was a cult.

Besna Keyrouz called Aftonbladet to bring their attention to the new World Watch List by Open Doors. The reporter who took her call wasn’t very interested and after opening the website he concluded that Open Doors was a cult. His reason for drawing that conclusion was that the page was about Christians and that it urged people to pray.

When Besna asked how he could make that assessment and that she felt offended (her strong reaction was due to her own escape from oppression for being Christian). The reporter said he didn’t want a discussion and didn’t have time to talk anymore and hung up. Would any reporter ever show that disinterest and attitude if it was about Muslim persecution? Off course not! But Christians are ridiculous, stupid, believe in old stories and follow old-fashioned rules and so on. A praying Christian is cultish while a praying Muslim is stately.

The problem is that this report really needs to get attention because most people think of Muslims as oppressed and of Christians as the rich oppressors. But the thruth is that it’s the other way around. When it comes to the Rohyngias in Myanmar and the Muslims in China they both get media-attention, but media is quiet about the Christians in the very same countries who are persecuted by the very same people. So that reporter should stop being so prejudiced and read that report.


  1. Islam’s aim is to take over the world. Why Christians don’t band together and unite against this awful persecution is unfathomable. After all, we Christians have God on our side who will fight for us, but He won’t interfere unless we ask. Are we weaker than Muslims? Of course not. Lazy, maybe. It’s sad and scary and if we lay down and take it, this will be a worldwide persecution and only a matter of time before it comes to America.


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