The new Government: Amanda & Åsa

SWEDEN. Two new ministers from the Green Party are especially interresting. Both of them are really naive when it comes to Islamism.

One day before it became public that Amanda Lind, 38, would be the new Minister of Culture she described the former party member and minister Mehmet Kaplan as a pioneer and hero. He’s an islamist who called those who traveled to fight for ISIS “committed youngsters” and has close connections to the Turkish etnofascist terror organisation The Grey Wolves. That’s why he had to resign in 2016 and Lind wanted him to stay back then and seem as clueless even now .

When she was a local politician in Härnösand she bought a bicycle stand for twelve bikes for the sum of 430 000 kronor ($47 628). That’s Swedish tax money at work. As a minister Amanda will continue the work her predecessor Alice Bah Kunhke started: The Swedish Agency for Support to Faith Communities that she will run with Ibn Rushd which is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess that she will, like Alice, give money to ortodox and extreme Muslim organisations.

Amanda Linds husband. Imagine him at the Nobel Prize dinner.

Åsa Lindhagen, 38, will be the new Minister of Equality which means that the problems of segregation will be hers to handle too. During the last four years Åsa was a City Commissioner in Stockholm where she took the decision that children of illegal immigrants should get economic aid. She wrote about this:

If you have a need for economic aid you should get it. (…) With this decision we show that humanity is still alive in this country.

Åsa is fond of words like humanity, solidarity and compassion and obviously think it’s kindness to give away taxmoney. She alone went against the rules and gave Islamic Relief 300 000 kronor ($33 238) for a shelter for immigrants. The money should have been used on social welfare. The shelter were then used for beggers and illegal immigrants, but Åsa kept giving them money. All in all it was more than 10 million kronor ($1 107 947).

She have used this phrase that became classic during the last term here in Sweden: one doesn’t want to place vulnerable groups against each others. Her solution instead is to give everything to everyone, because she can’t make the tough decisions and say no. In July 2018 she wrote that all immigrants should be welcome in Sweden and that the countries in the European Union should increase their capacity to take in immigrants.

Almost crying about how the unaccompanied refugee children must be taken in.

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