Back to 2015?

SWEDEN. Maria Ferm, 33, the migration spokesman for the Green Party, has been chosen as Secretary of State and it will be her job to lead and coordinate the governments work.

This is a bit worrysome as her influence, together with the Centre Party and the Social Democratic Party, with all likelyhood will affect the migration politics for the worse. Immigration activism has been a big part of her political career. She will be in a position to filter the information for the cabinet meetings and Prime Minister. This might even bring us back to where we were in 2015.

Ferm has, like several others in her party, worked to further the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAGE. She has arranged lectures with Fatima Doubakil from The Muslim Human Rights Committee (which Think that human rights is the same as sharia law), with the purpose to make people more positive towards immigration.

Together with Mehmet Kaplan she tried to change the focus of the Swedish Secret Services work to Islamophobia and the consequenses of the climate threat by redistributing their funds. The Green Party have a history of labeling laws against terrorism as “laws against opinions” and Ferm took part in the justice committees procrastination of a better anti terrorism law. That is the reason why the Swedish law is the very weakest in Europe.

Starting this summer 20 000 immigrants get the right to bring their relatives here and the state will pay for it all. Sweden will become the country with the most generous immigration policies for relatives. This will in turn create a pull effect: more people will send their “anchor child” to Sweden so the whole family can come here. So all preliminary calculations, which I thought was large, will be much larger. Especially after Ferm and her activist collegues have gone into action.


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