The new Government: Margot Wallström

SWEDEN. The new government, consisting of members from the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, was presented yesterday.

Margot Wallström started off in the Social Democratic Youth League, the breeding ground for the next generation of party leaders. She have been asked several times to become the chairman of the Social Democratic Party, but have declined every time. But Margot will continue as Secretary of state which isn’t a surprise after the eminient work she did during the last term.

Then she launced “feministic foreign politics” which meant that she let the female delegates wear the hijab when they visited Iran in the beginning of 2017. That brought international critique and mockery. Wallström was also critiqued for continuing the defensive attitude towards this country which enslaves the female citizens.

But this was not the first example of her cosying up to dictatures. In October 2014, mere weeks after being appointed, she became the first Foreign Minister in the world to recognise Palestine as a state. The aftermath was that Israel closed its doors to official visits from Sweden and Margot lost her diplomatic immunity so her planned visit in January 2015 were cancelled. She also said several really stupid things about Israel like that the police were engaging in extrajudicial executions when they shot terrorists who were stabbing people. When the terrorattack in Paris took place she commented that the situation in the Middle East and the Palestinians feelings of having no future caused radicalisation, which in turn led to attacks. Their only choices, according to her, was accepting their desperate situation or turn to violence. Neither objective nor thruthful.

No wonder she ended up as number eight on the Simon Wiesenthal Center list of anisemitic/anti-Israel incidents. In December 2016 she got the Grand Star of the Order of Jerusalem by Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. Also, Sweden have paid million after millions of kronor to Palestine and some of it have gone to economic aid of terrorists families. And she hasn’t said a Word about the human rights violations in Palestine. Neither did she comment the antisemitism and homophobia in SSU Malmö that she visited shortly after the scandal.

She was so keen on a spot in the United Nations Security Council that the government used 27 million kronor ($2 997 934), money that should have gone to aid projects, to bribe other countries to vote for Sweden. Now the membership is already over and nothing whatsover was accomplished. She also got an expensive apartment by the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union, which have close ties with the Social Democratic Party. The only good thing she managed to do during the last four years was pissing off Saudi Arabia by defending Raif Badawi. So let’s see how she will fail during this term.

This Group like Margot & promise to have her back

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