The new Government: Anders Ygeman

SWEDEN. The new government, consisting of members from the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, was presented yesterday.

Someone wrote on Twitter that Sweden is a democracy. We get to vote and then the Social Democrat Party do as they please. It’s funny, because it’s true and this new government proves that. Listening to the voters or just having common decency isn’t their thing. But power is.

Anders Ygeman (S) is a professional politician that started his career in the Social Democratic Youth League and have been a member of parliament since 1996. He is said to be on the left side of the party. He was Home Secretary during the last term and was responsibel for the so called It-scandal within The Swedish Transport Agency which erupted during the summer of 2017.

Secret information leaked because the care of important computer systems were outsourced and unprotected. Among other things the entire catalogue of driving licenses, corporate secrets, all criminal records, military secrets and access to encrypted military communication systems. He didn’t inform the prime minister for almost a year about these troubles because he couldn’t “find a secure room” in which to talk about these issues. Since the other information was available to all I don’t see why confidentiality was so important all of a sudden. But the real reason was, of course, to be able to claim that Löfven didn’t know. Ygeman took the blame and now he has been rewarded.

When a vote of no confidence was made against Ygeman and others Löfven quickly converted the government and “degraded” Ygeman to the post of groupleader in the Riksdag which is a prominent function. And in this new government he will be the Minister of Energy- and Digitisation. As a journalist wrote:

Satire is dead when Ygeman gets to be responsible for IT.

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