Rapes Keep Increasing in Sweden

SWEDEN. The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) released new preliminary crime statistics this week and things are not looking good.

There were 1,54 million crimes reported during 2018 which is 34 800 more, +2%, than in 2017. The number of rapes increased by 8% and during 2018 7 840 rapes were reported. Women over 18-years old who reported that they had been raped increased by +6 % to 4 230 cases, while rapes among men in the same age group decreased to 193 (−7 %) rapes.

There was an increase by +13% to 3 420 rapes where the victims were children in the ages 0-17. Sexual harrassment declined, except for men over 18-years old for whom it increased by 8%. Brå also reports that women confine their movements outside because they feel unsafe. 42% of women 20-24 years old have changed their route while out walking at least once because they were afraid of becoming the victim of a crime. So even if women change their habits the number of rapes keeps increasing.

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