SWEDEN In 2016 Home Secretary Anders Ygeman (S) said that 80 000 immigrants of the 163 000 that arrived in 2015 might be deported. As expected, that was just empty words.

During 2018 the police carried out 14 077 deportations and 649 of them were criminals who had been judged in court to be deported. 4 064 of them came from the Migration Agency and they do this when they suspect that the person won’t leave voluntarily. In 2017 the police recieved 10 529 cases like this which was way more than they managed to execute. By the end of 2018 the police had 17 515 cases that they had not been able to carry out and 12 000 of them were immigrants that had recieved their deportations orders and then gone underground.

The immigrants who stay here illegally support themselves by committing crimes or work at businesses that don’t mind breaking the law. They get an employee who they don’t have to pay taxes or employers contribution for and who have no rights. This phenomenon is increasing. Terrorist Rakhmat Akilov were able to stay in Sweden in that way, being paid by comedian Özz Nujjen for building his house. So by acting like this they place us all in danger.


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